Learn from Christiann Koepke and Francesca Lo Cascio, two of the industry’s highly regarded designers. Learn time-tested strategies and practices you can put into action in your own business now; complete with hands-on training in all the relevant areas.

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October 13-14 2018
9 AM - 6 PM
Portland, Oregon

This weekend training offers 6 detailed courses on topics every business - focused individual should know.  

Grow your business, strengthen your craft and be inspired, all while networking with others in the industry.

Join us in a beautiful Portland home setting in Portland's ALBERTA ART DISTRICT


Price include all classes in the program + 2 Lunches + Snacks / Drinks

*Contact us if you prefer to set a payment plan : 



This workshop is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The insights shared will be valuable to all levels.

If you’re an aspiring blogger, a photographer or designer, have a social following but need strategies for growth, an aspiring creative, or even if you have a business that's thriving, this retreat is for you!

Retreat is limited only to 10 participants to encourage an intimate learning environment and highly creative experience with true, hands on connection between teachers and attendees.


1/ Brand Identity

2/ Creative Direction

3/ Design and Styling Lab

4/ Photography & Styling Experiential Class

5/ Graphic Principles

6/ Social Media Strategy Round Table



Brand Identity

You will work on developing a mission statement, ideal client, and words to use to describe your business. We will circle the room to help brainstorm and be your sounding boards!






Creative Direction

Learn about the importance of the Pre-Production process. Choosing a clear creative direction for your project is more than just making something look good, it's about making it look consistent and right for your audience.

Creative Dir. #3  Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke |

Design & 

Styling Lab

Don’t just watch someone do it!  You’ll get storytelling and design principles, then feel empowered to practice styling like a pro. All classes are hands on! Christiann and Francesca will be available to answer any class questions.




Photography & styling -- Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke | copy.jpg

Photography & Styling

In this interactive class, watch Christiann’s start to finish, hands - on process as she styles and shoots 2 sets. One will be focused on still life, the other on food.
Attendees are encouraged to ask questions along the way.  

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Principles 101

Learn how to communicate through visuals. Develop your color palettes, your font pairing, your photography, and graphic style to create the foundation of your brand image. Bring home the foundation of your brand guideline!

Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke |

Social Media 

Round Table


We will discuss the complexities of social media and how crucial these platforms are to building your brand.
Learn tips on how to engage the followers you have, how to gain their loyalty, and build your audience. We'll also discuss how to apply your graphic concepts in your content.

Networking opportunities

Beautiful, inviting environments are the perfect place to develop connections and network with those in the industry. This retreat format provides a foundation for connecting with like minds to develop lasting friendships, mentors, business partnerships, and collaborations.

Round Table

In our last session, both teachers and attendees will connect together at a round table to openly discuss questions across the board. This session is to encourage, inspire, and gain from each other's knowledge in our industries.


We will close our time together by inviting each attendee to our retreat Facebook page! This space provides an opportunity for ongoing connection. We believe in lasting relationships and look forward to staying connected.


CK portrait Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke | copy.jpg

Christiann Koepke

Christiann is a full time creative director, photographer, recipe curator, and author of Partnerships in the social, print, design and event space are her specialty. Food is Christiann’s passion as is bringing beauty to her followers and partners via food, interior design projects, lifestyle work, photography, or curating recipes.

Christiann’s client list includes brands like Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Marriott Hotels, Alaska Airlines, West Elm, Starbucks and many more.  She is redefining perfection by embracing "the mess" and showcasing the beauty in it. Her followers love it -and- legacy brands are tapping into her unique approach. No matter what she is doing at any given moment, she does with intention. This value is at the core of everything Christiann does, and it’s also the foundation of the creative food & photography workshops she teaches.


Francesca Lo Cascio

Francesca Lo Cascio is an Italian Art Director and Designer, graduated from the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin in industrial, furniture and eco-sustainable product design. She specialized in retail and brand design. Following her passion and curiosity for different cultures, she attended a master in Oriental Markets and Public Relations that brings her to live and work in Spain, Thailand, China, Japan and France, where she started in 2006 Flocdesign.

After ten years of creation in Paris, working for luxury brands like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Moet Chandon, Hermes and many more, she decided to move her design studio in United States. In 2018 starts a new chapter of creative adventures from the new office in Boston, DynamicoDesign. Today she collaborates with important International companies as Graphic, product and Interior designer.


Saturday / all day courses


09:00 am    PRESENTATION

09:30 am    CLASS 1 BRAND IDENTITY (Theory)

10:30 am    BREAK 

11:00 am    CLASS 1 BRAND IDENTITY (Practice)

                  - Practice on building your message, finding your core

12:00 pm    LUNCH

01:00 pm    CLASS 2 DESIGN & STYLE (Theory)

                  - Design guides (color palette/font pairing/Image style/Layout)

02:00 pm    CLASS 2 DESIGN & STYLE (Practice)

                  - Build the base of your own brand identity book

03:00 pm    CLASS 3 CREATIVE DIRECTION (Theory)

                   - What is creative direction and why does it matter?

                   - Photo shooting examples - start to finish: indoor still life

                   - Photo shooting examples - start to finish: indoor food

05:00 pm    Round Table - Open discussion & Questions

Sunday / all day courses


09:00 am    CLASS 4 PHOTOGRAPHY (Practice)

                  - Hands on experience: 

                     * Indoor Still Life / Product

                     * Indoor Food

                     * Your project

12:00 pm    LUNCH

01:00 pm    CLASS 5 GRAPHIC PRINCIPAL 101 (Theory)

                   - How to build your unique layout using graphic and photos

02:00 pm    CLASS 5 GRAPHIC PRINCIPAL 101 (Practice)

                   - Build your unique layout using graphic and photos

04:00 pm    CLASS 6 SOCIAL MEDIA (Theory/Round Table)

                   - Tips for social media strategy

                   - Round Table: sharing tips

05:00 pm    ROUND TABLE : Open discussion & Questions

                   - Tips to keep in touch (Facebook group)


* A note book  * A Digital Camera

* Your laptop with the Adobe creative suite installed. Software list: Photoshop / Illustrator / Lightroom  (download a 30 days free trial here)


At the end of this immersive 2 day retreat, our hope is that every attendee will walk away with:

 Inspirational and actionable material for your own brand idea and/or project that can be immediately implemented

A developed brand book guideline

 Ready to activate storytelling and design principles in your own content development

Understanding of the principles of creative direction

Being equipped to produce visual content that represents your brand and sets you apart in the industry

 Inspirational and actionable material for your own brand

Feeling empowered to tackle the social media game with takeaways on how to apply your graphic concepts in your content to build your brand in the right direction. 

Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke |

Creative Direction & Photography by Christiann Koepke |

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